Signs You Need to Visit Our Shop!

As a driver, of course, you want your vehicle to have fully functional brakes! But maybe you are like many other vehicle owners and want to maximize your budget for auto repairs, too. You know you need brake repair, but you don’t want to pay for it sooner than necessary. You want to get the most out of the parts that are already on your vehicle. Autoworks understands your logic and we want to help you determine exactly when it’s time for brake repair — not when it’s too soon or too late. These vehicle behaviors are your sign to visit our shop in Ithaca, New York for brake service!

Listen for These Sounds

When functioning normally, your vehicle’s brakes shouldn’t make a sound. So if you start hearing noises when you press the brake pedal, that’s your sign to contact our brake repair experts. These sounds are commonly heard when brake parts wear down and serve as a perfect alert to schedule your next brake service soon.

  1. Squeaking or Squealing
  2. The brake pads serve as a cushion between the brake rotor & caliper and help your vehicle come to a smooth stop. But under the immense friction created when stopping your vehicle, they wear out over time. Once they wear too low, they emit a squeaking or squealing sound caused by the friction of metal springs or hairs. That sound means you need new brake pads! If you’ve just replaced your brake pads and still hear squeaking or squealing, don’t panic. It’s also normal for brand new brakes to squeal before they break in!

  3. Grinding
  4. If you let too much time go by and continue driving on squeaky brakes and worn out brake pads, your vehicle’s braking system won’t improve. In fact, it will become so much worse that your vehicle could quickly become unsafe for operation! Once the brake pads wear out entirely, there will be nothing left to control smooth and safe stoppage. Your brakes may start to make a grinding sound from the metal-on-metal contact and/or eventually fail. Don’t leave your vehicle susceptible to failure. Schedule service with our experts at the first sign of trouble!

You want to take proper care of your vehicle, right? Then listen for these sounds that mean your brakes need repair! Contact Autoworks for your next brake service!