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Ithaca’s Go-To Towing Service

One of the most frustrating things a car owner can go through is when their car has a flat tire… and they don’t have a spare tire available. Typically found on the side of the freeway or in a parking lot, the car owner will stress out and think about ways to fix their vehicle. When you find yourself in this situation, make sure you’re thinking about Autoworks and our 24-hour towing service! We are the go-to towing service in Ithaca, NY and we can get you out of any situation. Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, or locked out of your car, our team of towing and roadside assistance professionals will be able to help you!

When you’re calling us, you know you are calling the most reliable towing service in Ithaca, NY. As an AAA Certified Roadside Contractor, we understand what’s required to provide a quality towing experience. It requires responsive, transparent, and friendly drivers and we’ve made sure to hire the right people. Each of our tow truck and mobile battery drivers have been background checked and we make sure each of them meets the criteria for AAA, which includes – proper licensing, up-to-date safety knowledge, calm professionalism, and compassionate customer care.

Along with that, we also provide AAA Mobile Battery Service. This means when you call us for battery help, you’ll get on-the-spot battery testing. We’ll also provide free battery deliveries and installations! Each AAA battery from us comes with a six-year nationwide warranty and includes three years of free replacements AND prorated coverage.

Don’t have AAA? Don’t worry, we offer half off pricing for all towing back to our facility!

Towing Services We Provide

At Autoworks, we take our towing services seriously. We understand that as an AAA Certified Roadside Contractor and Ithaca’s go-to towing service, we have a standard to live up to. We meet those standards by not only our customer service or towing expertise, but by the services we provide. Here are just a few of the towing options are customers will have available to them:

  • 24-Hour Local and Long Distance Towing

  • Tire Changes and Repairs

  • Car Lock Outs

  • Trailer Towing

  • Winch Outs and Car Recoveries

  • Motorcycle Transport

The Towing Service You Deserve

When it comes to quality towing service and roadside assistance, Autoworks sets the standard. Since 2001, we’ve been honored to provide our services to the people of Ithaca, NY. Since then, we’ve only grown our craft and we’re excited to help you next time you need assistance. When you call us, you can expect quick response times, expert roadside care, and safe, reliable towing. Next time you need help, give us a call at 607-277-9989 and we’ll get to you as soon as possible! In the area and have questions about our services? Visit our shop at 1278 Dryden Road! We can’t wait to meet you!