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Get Your Car Back to Brand New

In today’s world, we love having brand new cars. The “new car smell” on the inside and shine on the outside leave many of us distracted from anything else. We can’t help but divert our attention to it and sometimes we’ll even talk about the new car to our friends and co-workers, in hopes they’ll share the excitement with us. Though it is tempting to purchase a new vehicle, there is a way to have your old car feel just as new — a new paint job.

At Autoworks, our team of ASE Certified technicians has the skill, tools, and precision to provide your car with a clean and pristine paint job. With over 15 years of auto experience, our team has become the hub of all things auto repair and body paint. We’ll know how to safely strip the old paint, prime it, and place a coat of new paint that will have your car feeling fresh!

Why You Should Consider a New Paint Job

Giving your car a new paint job is like buying yourself a new set of clothes. It gives you a renewed sense of confidence and you feel fresh in them. You look forward to walking around and having people see your new clothes, and that’s the confidence you should have with your vehicle. But don’t let that example fool you, there are a variety of reasons why you should get a new paint job today. Not sure what those reasons are? Well, the Autoworks team is here to help you out.

New Coat, Renewed Confidence

You start to notice that your vehicle just looks…old. The paint has become faded and dull and you’re not as excited to drive it anymore. Fortunately, we can fix that for you. Our team of body paint experts will be able to get your vehicle back to factory condition, or we can get you that new color you’ve always wanted!

The Final Touch

Maybe you’ve purchased on old 1960 Corvette and you’ve been busy restoring it back to working condition. It’s ALMOST road ready, but you still need that new paint job. Well don’t worry, we’ll make sure to finish that restoration and have your car back to shining on the road like it did when it first left the lot!

Get More Money Back

When you’re looking to sell your vehicle, it’s best to give your car a paint job and have it looking brand new before selling it. Removing your car of any scratches, rust, and dull paint will dramatically increase it’s resale value.

Schedule Your New Paint Job Today!

At Autoworks, we pride ourselves in providing you with a product that you can enjoy. We’re certain that when you come in, you’re working with professionals that can give you the best paint job in Ithaca, NY. Our ASE Certified technicians have the precision, care, and skill to get your vehicle looking brand new. If you’re ready for your car to look and feel fresh, give us a call at 607-277-9989 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to stop by? Visit our shop at 1278 Dryden Road! We happily accept walk-ins!*

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