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Wrecked Your Car? We Beg to Differ

Well, you just had an accident. Fortunately, you and the others involved are fine, but your car is totaled. Or that’s what you believe. You start to ponder exactly how you can purchase a new car. Maybe you’ll have to use rental cars for a little while. There is no part of you that believes you’ll be able to fix your old car. In your mind, it’s gone.

The Autoworks team wants to shift that mindset. Instead of thinking about that new car, we want you to think about how can you get your old car repaired. To do that, you need to visit our shop in Ithaca, NY! Our AAA Certified Repair Shop and ASE Certified technicians have the tools, expertise, and laser precision needed to transform your “totaled car” back to brand new! What may seem like an impossible challenge to you, is just another appointment for us. Our technicians have years of experience in internal and external auto body repair and they’ll know exactly how to approach your damaged vehicle

Can My Car Be Repaired?

Cars that visit our shop will first go through a detailed evaluation so we can see the damage and what needs to be repaired or replaced. Afterward, we’ll inform you of the damage we see, what we recommend, and the cost. Based on your insurance, we may also be able to work with your insurance company. Depending on how bad the damage is, we may consider your vehicle totaled and suggest buying a new vehicle. Though our team is proud of restoring wrecked cars back to brand new, there are times where sometimes the damage can be too much to overcome.

Wondering if your car is eligible for a repair? If so, the Autoworks team will walk you through some of the things we look for to determine how good, or bad, a car’s condition is.

Repairs Exceed 70% of Market Value

This isn’t a specific rule and more of a rule of thumb. If the cost of repairs meets or exceed around 70%, most insurance companies and auto shops will consider the vehicle totaled. That percentage can fluctuate, with some places as low as 60% and as high as 80%. This is usually determined during the initial evaluation of your damaged vehicle.

What Components Are Damaged?

Certain pieces of your vehicle can affect whether your vehicle is totaled or not. For example, if the frame of your vehicle is damaged, that may not be considered a big deal as that is a pretty straightforward repair. That changes once you get into complex parts like the vehicle’s engine or transmission systems. These are much more difficult to build, repair, or replace and can really boost the percentage quickly if it were to be damaged. This is due to the high cost of the assembly that these specific components ask for.

Schedule Your Collision Repair Today!

Before you consider your vehicle totaled, make sure to visit Autoworks and have one of our ASE Certified technicians take a look! With an AAA Certified Repair Shop and our team up-to-date with the latest tools, trends, and technologies, we’ll be able to quickly determine if your car is truly totaled. If it’s not, we’ll make sure that your vehicle looks and feels brand new! Give us a call at 607-277-9989 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to stop by? Come on through! Visit our shop at 1278 Dryden Road! We happily accept walk-ins!*

*Wait times will vary based on availability